Enzyme chemistry revealed
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Life is sweet, but not always pretty
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While simple carbs like glucose and fructose can be a great source of energy, complex carbohydrates like FODMAPs (lactose, GOS and FOS), make up chains of sugar molecules that our bodies cannot use unless they are broken down.
Some fibers are great for our microbiome and can act as prebiotics, helping bacteria grow in our gut. However, when most carbs can be broken down, fiber is a bit more stubborn, selfishly passing through our bodies undigested.
Rebellious and disruptive, FODMAPs can often disturb smooth digestion. And when they bump into our gut microbiome, it can get quite windy (mainly due to the gas-releasing fermentation process). Though natural, this process can cause digestive pain and discomfort and even make us avoid entire food groups.
For the love of enzymes
In the ecosystem of stubborn carbs, enzymes are the catalysts for transformation, setting off the chemical reactions within our bodies.
Most enzymes are the extraordinary proteins produced by all living matter, from plants and microbes, all the way to animals and humans.
EACH with a UNIQUE role
Each enzyme tackles a certain number of molecules (substrates). In FODZYME, lactase addresses lactose, alpha-galactosidase - GOS, while the novel fructan hydrolase tackles fructan.
Specific FODMAP substrates gravitate towards FODZYME's active enzymes shaped precisely for them. Once broken down, FODMAPs are released as simple sugars.
Activated at the first contact with food and while you chew, our powder enzymes break down FODMAPs into simple sugars before they reach the lower gastrointestinal tract.
Human-focused clinical validation
We're devoting our research & development to high-pain overlooked areas. With a polyol-specific solution in development, we are advancing novel enzyme technologies to address all FODMAPs.
We develop our products in highly effective and portable powder forms that allow the enzymes to get to the triggers intended to break down - faster.
Clinical trials
Through both in-vivo and in-vitro trials, we've gathered promising data showing significant efficacy when FODZYME® was administered compared to placebo.
third-party Testing
In partnership with ProDigest, we simulated the FODZYME interaction with a human gut through their sophisticated SHIME®system.
Our in-house research and clinical experiments have proven the efficacy of FODZYME by stress-testing it on foods extremely high in fructan.
We work exclusively with natural ingredients, constantly refining our formula to ensure our products are free from common allergens or artificial additives.
scientific advisory board
We're advancing our research and development with a group of world-class experts in enzymology, biotechnology, medicine, and nutrition.
Mission-driven pipeline
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