Breaking down the barrier to the foods we love

While fast-fermentable fibers like FODMAPs promote healthy digestion, they can also cause trouble for those of us with increased gut sensitivities. Luckily, you don't have to choose between the benefits of these fibers and avoiding digestive discomfort.

We stir up the traditional approach to FODMAPs

While a low-FODMAP diet can help identify your trigger foods, it can also be really restrictive (and frankly, impossible at times). Through cutting-edge research, we developed FODZYME to address FODMAPs directly and shift the way you approach food - free from fear or chronic gut distress.

Discover the science

Stop avoiding your favorite foods with FODZYME®

When sprinkled on or mixed with high-FODMAP meals, FODZYME’s novel patent-pending enzyme blend breaks down the FODMAP molecules like fructan, galacto-oligosaccharides, and lactose into more digestible simple sugars, helping you savor every bite.

How can fodzyme help?


FODZYME is a unique enzyme blend that includes inulinase, designed to specifically address fructan.

Focus on maximum power

Mixing the powder with your food lets the enzymes easily integrate and break down the FODMAPs before they can affect your gut.

Bringing flavour back into your life

Providing instant results, FODZYME can let you get back to social activities and set your tastebuds free.


All ingredients are sourced from a US-based manufacturer. They are mixed and packed in a US-based cGMP FDA-registered facility.

SERVING SIZE 1/4 tsp (750 mg)

Other ingredients: dextrose, dextrin, maltodextrin.

Dive into the immersive world of enzymes

  • Giving up garlic: the impact on your health

    Giving up garlic: the impact on your health

    Using FODZYME with garlic is a step up compared to permanently removing this food from your diet, especially when you consider garlic's phytonutrient-dense status.

  • How to stack FODMAPs with no concerns

    How to stack FODMAPs with no concerns

    With FODZYME®, stacking concerns can be part of your past with most FODMAPs being broken down before they reach your gut. 

  • How to smoothly digest broccoli, garlic and more

    How to smoothly digest broccoli, garlic and more

    Instead of avoiding a number of foods, try tackling the FODMAPs head-on with FODZYME and reap the benefits of their nutritional and gustatory power.