We believe that everyone can savor their life with every bite

We all deserve to enjoy delicious and nutritious food, confident in the future free from consequences or chronic gut distress.

Through cutting-edge research and with a polyol solution in development, we develop novel enzymes that break down FODMAPs directly and stimulate a shift in the way people approach food.

Personally invested in solving the problem

When our co-founder Anjie was recommended to go on the low-FODMAP diet by her gastroenterologist in 2015, she quickly learned that the diet is no walk in the park.

Anjie was bombarded with the fact that FODMAPs are everywhere, especially in her favorite foods. This made social events - especially food-centered events - incredibly stressful and a digestive landmine.

Anjie decided to shake things up by using a targeted approach to address FODMAPs directly, rather than avoid a ton of delicious and nutritious foods altogether.

She rallied up a group of world-class experts in enzymology, biotechnology, medicine, and nutrition, and joined forces with her co-founder David Hachuel, who has spent the last few years helping folks suffering from gut disorders with digital tools.

Together, we strive to bring life-changing food experiences to all

Anjie Liu

Co-founder, CEO

Before devoting herself to FODZYME, Anjie graduated from Harvard and has a career in consulting. She struggled with her gut for years, which led her to developing the FODZYME formula and launching Kiwi Biosciences.

David Hachuel, MPH

Co-founder, COO

David was formerly the co-founder and CEO at auggi.ai, a digital gut health coach for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which was recently acquired by Seed Health. David holds an MPH in Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health and a Master's in Computer and Information Science from Cornell University.

Dr. Shalaka Samant

Lead Scientist, R&D

An expert in microbial biotechnology and enzyme development, Dr. Samant obtained her Ph.D. in pharmaceutical biotechnology from the University of Illinois and completed postdoctoral research at Yale University and the University of Texas. A devoted reader, Shalaka is fearlessly leading our research and development.

Dr. Alan Jiang

Advisor, Formulation and Regulatory

Dr. Jiang was formerly the Director of Nutrition Lab at Johns Hopkins University and has extensive experience in nutraceutical formulation. Dr. Jiang was trained as a gastroenterologist and holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition from University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

Anastasia Filatova

Head of Growth

With a background in creative marketing and branding, Anastasia is leading FODZYME's brand growth. Having steered the gut health space for a while, she is here to help more people enjoy food worry-free. Her Master's Degrees in Journalism and Film have made her a storytelling enthusiast with a sharp eye for aesthetics.

Jess Gallagher

Customer Experience Lead

Jess has been engaging clients and customers for over 10 years. Before joining FODZYME, she managed the volunteer communication at the SF SPCA. She loves taking complex ideas and breaking them down into helpful and fascinating bites of information that help our customers succeed on their journey.

Dr. William D. Chey

Advisor, Gastroenterology

Dr. Chey is a Professor of Medicine specializing in gastroenterology at the University of Michigan, where he is also Director of the GI Physiology Laboratory, and Co-Director of the Michigan Bowel Control Program. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Rome Foundation and Advisory Board of the IFFGD.

Dr. Thomas Wallach

Advisor,  Gastroenterology

Dr. Thomas Wallach, MD is a translational scientist and pediatric gastroenterologist, with a focus on intestinal epithelial biology and diseases of gut-brain interaction like IBS. With a number of qualifications under his belt, Dr. Wallach completed several studies on substances safety for gut health and has been a leading light in FODZYME's development.

Dr. Alexander Ivliev

Advisor, Computational Biology

With a Ph.D. in bioinformatics and computational biology from the Moscow State University. Dr. Alex Ivliev is a true biotech whiz. Over the past 10 years, he's helped pharma and biotech companies develop novel medications for a broad range of diseases through rigorous data analysis in experimental research and clinical trials. 

Dr Tatiana Ramos

Advisor, Nutrition and Microbiome

Dr. Toro-Ramos holds a PhD in Human Nutrition and a postdoc from Columbia University focused on body composition throughout the life cycle. She has an extensive clinical research background within academia and industry. Dr. Toro-Ramos is an expert in human nutrition and metabolism, microbial sciences and systemic health, and supplement and drug development.

Driven by the results we see in our community, we are developing unique formulas that help people digest their favorite dishes effortlessly. Where science and creativity collide, our team shapes new ways to bring a real change to people's gastronomic and social lives.

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